Social Initiatives

The Tolani Group pursues the principle clearly enunciated by the family patriarch and the founder chairman Late Shri Pribhdas Tolani (fondly known as Kaka), that business has no place in society unless it serves the less privileged sections of the society.

In his book “Reminiscences” Kaka writes about his grandfather Awatrai Tolani in Larkana, Sind (in Undivided India), who despite not being particularly wealthy, would set aside a substantial portion of their agricultural produce, distributing grain and cloth each year after the harvest season to those in need or distress. It was a family tradition of benevolence.    

Kaka’s belief found expression in the establishment (1968 onwards) of several educational institutions and an eye hospital in Adipur, Gujrat, which, over the years have made a substantial contribution to the community at large. 

His progeny. Late Dr. Nandlal Pribhdas Tolani inherited his father’s zeal. At a fairly young age, he developed a passion for community service and societal development through philanthropy. He extended the family traditions of commitment to social causes by way of colleges in the state of Maharashtra.   

This commitment of the Group is borne of the absolute belief that India can only realize its full potential if the population is well educated and trained to face the challenges of competition and complexities of new technologies. Therefore, the initiatives of the Group in education have also been committed to imparting quality education.  This dedication has created institutions that have come to be recognized as centers of excellence.  

The Group’s track records amply demonstrate its ability to fulfill social obligations and serve the cause of humanity at large. With social development being foremost, the Tolani Group makes it a point to provide a significant measure of subsidy to its students, particularly to the girl students in all its education institutions. 

Independent charitable organizations, with objectives for promotion of education, medical relief, etc., have set up the Tolani College of Commerce (in 1989) and Tolani Maritime Institute (in 1998).These colleges have played a pivotal role in uplifting various sections of the Society and that each year students from far and wide seek admission to the college is a testament to the quality of these institutions.

A brief note on each of the educational institutions is given below. 

Tolani College of Commerce (TCC)

Tolani College of Commerce, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, which is being administered and managed by a charitable society which was established in 1989, with student strength of 515. The affairs of the Society are managed by a Governing Body, consisting of eminent personalities. The College is well equipped with lecture halls, tutorial rooms, a library-cum-reading room, rifle range, gymkhana, an auditorium and a computer center. TCC presently caters to more than 3,000 students.

Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)

The Institute has been set up at a self-sufficient, modern, purpose built campus at Induri, Talegaon, near Pune.  

The campus is built with infrastructure facilities that could be leveraged for the learning experience. The facilities include fully equipped class rooms, highly scientific library, high performance computer workstations, state of the art library, ultra-modern training center & workshop, various sports disciplines, swimming pool, residential facilities for the faculty as well as the students, a primary healthcare center, etc.

TMI’s pursuance of its mission is guided by a Governing Council. This body is comprised of eminent persons from a variety of background who are committed to the success of TMI and share the vision that led to the founding of TMI.  The Institute and the sponsors are also represented on the Governing Council, which prioritizes the Institute’s goals. 

At its inception TMI offered a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering,  since then, the Institute has widened its horizon by offering varied courses in the marine field, namely, Bachelor’s degree in Nautical Studies, Electro-Technical Officer’s course, pre-sea courses, value added courses in the form of first aid, personnel survival techniques, personal safety and social responsibility, fire-fighting courses, etc. Besides, TMI also conducts customized courses and renders advisory services for various shipping companies.

The faculty at the Institute comprises of experienced teachers specialized in Marine Engineering, Nautical sciences, Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Sciences and Information Technology. The maritime faculty also has substantial shipboard experience as senior officers. The Institute actively promotes faculty development through research and facilitation for advanced qualifications.

Both TCC  and TMI have made significant contributions to the social fabric of the communities they are located in.

Endowment at Cornell University

Tolani Group has a long tradition of supporting higher education, contributing significant funds to various philanthropic trusts in India. In the year 2005, to extend and support excellence in education at the international level the Group established  a permanent Chaired position at the Cornell University, for a Senior Professor in International Trade Policy, which has been filled by an eminent academician whose research interests is focused on Asia particularly India. The endowment provides an annual fellowship for an Indian student at Cornell pursuing studies in International Trade Policy. This venture of the Tolani Group overseas will promote education in a manner that would benefit India and its citizens. 

Sponsorship of Books
Continuing with its Social Initiatives, the Tolani Group has also sponsored books written by eminent personalities, viz.

(a)     ‘Thought for the Day’ - “compilation of 688 eternal truths” by Mahatma Gandhi
(b)     ‘Gandhi on Nehru’ – a faithful and fascinating record of Gandhi’s speeches, writings, interviews, personal letters, etc. (1920-1948) – role of Jawaharlal Nehru in India’s freedom under the guidance of Gandhi. 
(c)     ‘Of Homo Sapiens and Panthera Leo’ – a reproduction of a Diary of experiences in Gir Forest, India 1958-1959 by Dr.M.M. Jamkindikar
(d)      ‘Saint of Modern India’ – a biography of Sadhu Vasvani

Support to Sports

Tolani Group sponsors Annual Sailing Championships which is largely participated and looked forward to by the avid sailors of the Country.  Similarly, the Group supports Annual Bridge Tournaments at the National level.  With a keen intent on encouraging both the sports, it has set up training facilities for the younger generation and conducts separate championships for them.