How we do it

Company Policy

We strive to ensure safety at sea, to prevent human injury or loss of life and guard against damage to property and environment.

The operational culture of our business

•    shall promulgate practices for continual improvement in - 

  •  safety,
  • ✓ environmental protection and
  • ✓ operational efficiency;  


•    shall ensure compliance with -

  • legal and mandatory requirements,
  •  international codes and standards and
  •  the best industry practices.


Our Corporate philosophy has always been high standards of maintenance of our assets to ensure reliable service to customers in the field of global maritime transportation, in a safe and environmentally sound way with a commitment towards continuous improvement.

Tolani was the first (to the best of our knowledge), Indian bulk carrier company to voluntarily adopt the ISM Code.  Consistent with this initiative, our company, other than complying with the ISM & ISPS Codes of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), has opted the ISO 9000 series for quality management system & the ISO 14000 series for environmental management system standards.

With a comprehensive ship management system in place, the company has been proactively meeting the requirements of independent vetting inspections of the fleet. 

We maintain an effective communication system at all times, to ensure that the shore offices and the fleet function in unison, contributing towards navigational and operational safety. 

At Tolani, we remain committed to operational excellence to achieve the ultimate objectives of Zero Accident, Zero Pollution, Zero Detentions and Zero Down-Time.