Careers Ashore

Many individuals who are seeking employment, do give some thought to what their career path is likely to be at their new place of employment.

At Tolanis, we believe that with a person who is initiated, will unleash their full potential and grow with the Company. Those who take shared responsibility and the initiative to get the best out of the partnership with the Company can expect continuous professional development and opportunities galore.

A career in Tolani is a career in a Company that has sound principles. We see each other as a valuable member of a team, able and always in a position to deal with the day-to-day challenges but never losing sight of our Vision, Mission, Core Values and our policies.

We interact with people from all over the world – by phone, email or through personal contact. Our ships visit ports in all continents and sail across all seas.Our chartering officeand operations departments are in constant dialogue with customers, business partners and authorities in almost every Country country in the world.

Email your resume to for shore-based vacancies, so that we can spot the right opportunity for you.